For freelances and influencers, please add: “freelance” or “influencer”
To facilitate the obtaining of your press accreditation, we kindly request that you submit at least one supporting document (valid press card, three signed and published articles in the three months preceding the first day of the event, mission letter, original written commission from a reputable editorial or photographic agency, traffic report for bloggers and influencers,…). Requests without any supporting documents, unfortunately, will not be considered.
Credentials for accreditation
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Please combine your screenshot in one pdf document
Please combine your screenshot in one PDF document
Audiovisual press: audiovisual production companies must be commissioned by a broadcasting media (television channel, radio, websites). Without a guarantee that the programme or report will be broadcast, the production company will not be accredited.
Please combine your prints in one PDF document
The blog in question must be in existence for six months and the blogger applying for accreditation must have made regular and relevant contributions. To obtain an accreditation, the visibility of the blog must be high, topical and a reach of at least 5,000 visitors per month is required. Only persons taking editorial responsibility for a blog may obtain accreditation.
Please combine your publications in one PDF document
° Social media URLs and number of followers (at least 1 social media)
For any additional request, please send an email to
International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva press office reserves the right to request additional supporting documents.