NFT Proof of Participation

How to claim my NFT or the NFT on behalf of my Co-Inventors ?
NFT Proof of Participation
In the Wallet Address section, please do not provide any other information than your NFT Wallet Address (no IBAN, no personal address etc.).
Only valid ERC20 Polygon Matic Address will received an NFT !

You can download a Trust Wallet ( and follow this tutorial to find the Wallet address.
Note : Any other Wallet which can connect to the Polygon Blockchain is allowed.

Deadline : 19th of April.
For every new Wallet added after this deadline, we can't garantee you an NFT for the Event.

You can fill in this formular for each Inventors or Co-Inventor's (only one NFT per Inventor) :
Will appear on the NFT Image
Will appear on the NFT Image
Mandatory to received information about the NFT Proof of Participation concept
Example: 0x0C27Ee7bc9BbE9f4Ea6d2Bd80360c383D466F9Ed
By submitting this form, you understand and agree that your First name & Last name will be listed in your NFT and visible by anyone in order to proof your participation at the event (for example on : , etc.).