Name Country Class
"Handheld" low-noise optical frequency comb source CHINA C
“Innovative LED Light-Source” Flip-Chip Packaging Technology (FCCOB) CHINA A
“SYCORE-TEX” Soft and elastic thermal insulation material with temperature regulating phase-change microcapsules CHINA L
100% recycled aggregate concrete paving brick HONG KONG SAR D
160kV Resistive high voltage superconducting DC fault current limiter CHINA C
1home1dream Project SPAIN D
2D PtSe2 enabled Wireless Wearable Gas Monitoring Circuits CHINA C
3 generators grouped in one EGYPT V
360° Advance Driving Assistance System CHINA C
3D detection and prognosis system for insulation defects in power cables CHINA
3D printed bone fusion screw HONG KONG SAR M
3D printed bone plate carrying drugs HONG KONG SAR M
3S dental room THAILAND M
5GIoTRail: Smart Transportation with 5G HONG KONG SAR P